A White Prophet is a White who possesses prophetic abilities, especially prophetic dreams.

Description Edit

White Prophets can be identified by their White characteristics, including pale skin and hair and slow growth, as well as by their prophetic dreams. A White Prophet has vivid dreams and is able to distinguish between those that are ordinary and those that are prophetic. They are additionally able to identify which prophetic dreams are more likely to occur.

White Prophets also experience waking prophetic abilities, especially at moments that may be considered an important crossroads of sorts. They are able to consider their potential actions and foresee the long-term consequences of each decision.

A White Prophet may identify a Catalyst, a person whom they believe to be essential to fulfilling their prophecies and changing the world.

A White Prophet undergoes changes in their physical appearance over the course of their lives. They experience a flu-like illness at irregular intervals, which causes them to be bedridden and feverish. Then, snake-like, they shed a layer of skin. The skin revealed underneath is typically darker each time this illness is experienced; a White Prophet is expected to darken from white, to golden, to nut-brown, to coal black over the course of their lives. However, this does not always occur. An episode of illness may results in new skin that is paler rather than darker. These changes appear to be linked in some way with their prophecies, although the nature and extent of the association is unclear.

Known White Prophets Edit