Rurisk is the Prince of the Mountain Kingdom, the eldest child of Eyod and older brother of Kettricken.

Character Edit

Rurisk is friendly, level-headed, and intelligent. He is diplomatically-minded and considered an excellent King-in-Waiting for the Mountain Kingdom.

Rurisk negotiated border treaties with Chivalry when Chivalry was King-in-Waiting of the Six Duchies, and the two men held great respect for each other. When Chivalry discovered the existence of his illegitimate son FitzChivalry, Rurisk was one of the first people he spoke to about the situation.

Events Edit

Rurisk's sister Kettricken is selected as the bride of Verity Farseer. In Buckkeep, Shrewd orders Fitz to assassinate Rurisk, whom he describes as sickly and infirm. In Jhaampe, Regal informs Rurisk and Kettricken of Fitz's intentions preceding his arrival. Rurisk is perturbed, but orders the worried Kettricken to allow him to take care of the situation.

When Fitz arrives in Jhaampe, he sees that Rurisk is hale and hearty. Kettricken brings Fitz to her garden and poisons him while asking him to taste various herbs, but his words cause her to doubt her decision. When she finally confesses her actions to Rurisk, he is outraged at her impulsiveness, and relieved to find Fitz still alive.

Rurisk and Fitz discuss their predicament, as Rurisk explains that Fitz can no longer kill Rurisk in any way without alarm being raised by Kettricken. He then tells Fitz that he is willing to give the Six Duchies Mountain timbers, with which they can build warships. Rurisk's understanding of the sacrifices required by a leader to facilitate peace impresses Fitz.

During the evening's festivities, Rurisk brings Fitz to his kennels, where Fitz discovers Nosy older but alive and well. Rurisk explains that Burrich sent him the dog several years earlier, and that Rurisk has bred many puppies from Nosy and cares for him greatly.

The next night, Rurisk admits Fitz to his chambers. He serves wine as Fitz requests, and is surprised when Fitz deliberately tips poison powder into his glass. Rurisk sets the glass aside, and the two drink the rest of the wine while puzzling over Regal's plans, which include Fitz being framed for Rurisk's murder and disposed of appropriately. Kettricken arrives and warns Rurisk that Fitz intends to poison him, but Rurisk laughs her off and pretends to tremble and gasp. Cob arrives, expecting to witness Fitz poisoning Rurisk. Rurisk then begins to convulse, having drunk much of the already-poisoned bottle of apple wine. He dies shortly thereafter.