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Welcome to the Realm of the Elderlings Wiki[]

This wiki is about the fictional Realm of the Elderlings, by Robin Hobb. 

A note on spoilers:

This is a comprehensive wiki. Pages include information on characters and events for all published books set in the Realm of the Elderlings. There may be spoilers for all books or trilogies on any page, including information and spoilers from Assassin's Fate (published May 2017). If you have not read all published books, please read with caution.

The Realm of the Elderlings[]

The Farseer Trilogy: Assassin's Apprentice | Royal Assassin | Assassin's Quest

The Liveship Traders Trilogy: Ship of Magic | The Mad Ship | Ship of Destiny

The Tawny Man Trilogy: Fool's Errand | The Golden Fool | Fool's Fate

The Rain Wild Chronicles: Dragon Keeper | Dragon Haven | City of Dragons | Blood of Dragons

The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy: Fool's Assassin | Fool's Quest | Assassin's Fate

Novellas: The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince

Short stories: Homecoming | The Inheritance | Words Like Coins | Blue Boots | Cat's Meat | Her Father's Sword

What's happening on the wiki[]

At the moment pages are being created for people, places and events. This is the main part of what is going on at the moment, along with linking these pages together.

If you want to contribute, please feel free to do so. The help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have an idea for a background, shout out.

Style Guide[]

There is no page for this, as there are only a few simple guidelines.

  • Names of books should be italicized. Ship/boat names should also be italicized.
  • The first time the name of the page appears on the page it should be bold.
  • Characters names are the ones used most commonly throughout the series. Other names used will be turned into redirects.
  • Links to other pages should appear the first time the page is mentioned (unless for stylistic reasons).

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