Other's Island is a medium sized island with extraordinary tides and currents. Much of the island is covered in a thick forest which separates the only landing site from the treasure littered beaches on the other side. The two sides are linked by a long gravel path. In ancient times, the island was a notable hatching site for serpents, presumably the unique beaches were the hot sands that some dragons and serpents recall hatching on.

The Treasure Beach itself is a mysterious place. Kennit described it as clearly connecting not to one ocean but many and both ancient treasures and fresh corpses somehow wash up on the shore. Unsurprisingly, it is a place of dread for superstitious sailors. The effect the unusual currents have on the serpents who once hatched there is unknown.

In modern times, the Island is occupied by Others which dragons and serpents refer to as Abominations. The Others have limited fortune telling ability, granted to them by the captivity of She Who Remembers. When Wintrow Vestrit finds the cage in which she is held, he nearly dies releasing her. Presumably, this will be the end of the Others' fortune telling.

Humans would walk the treasure beach, selecting items that wash up on the shore and give both the treasures and a gold coin to The Others for a prophecy. Those trying to cheat The Others or steal treasure would suffer at their hands as they maintained their ancestors' powerful compulsion magic. The only known humans to resist and cheat The Others are Kennit, who had a wizardwood charm against enchantments and FitzChivalry Farseer, who used his Skill barriers to negate the Others' mind control.

The 'Abominations' are the offspring of two dragons who have been in close contact with humans for too long, creating numerous Elderlings. They are a source of great shame to the dragons and those who can remember them recall that they are to be exterminated whenever feasible. For unstated reasons, The Others fear cats.

During the events of The Tawny Man Trilogy, Fitz Chivalry Farseer travels with Prince Dutiful to Other's Island momentarily through the travel stones.

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