A liveship is a ship made partially out of wizardwood. They are the exclusive province of the Rain Wild Traders and Bingtown Traders. Liveships are renowned for their sentience, which they achieve after three members of their family die aboard them.

History Edit

When the Rain Wild Traders began excavating the buried Elderling city of Frengong, they discovered what appeared to be logs inside a chamber. Splitting the logs revealed a pale carcass which the Traders discarded. The log material, which became known as wizardwood, proved undamaged by the acidic Rain Wild River, and was therefore immensely valuable. Each discovered log was used to create one liveship, with the exceptions of the two logs used to create the Paragon and the log that contained Tintaglia.

Unbeknownst to the Traders, the logs were actually dragon cocoons, created from a combination of dragon saliva, river sediment, and dragon memories. Each cocoon contained the spirit of the dragon that was to hatch from it, and was intended to be devoured upon their hatching. The sentience of a liveship is therefore a combination of the dragon spirit stored within the wizardwood and the human memories absorbed during the ship's use.

The first liveship was the Tarman, which lacks a figurehead. All other known liveships were carved with figureheads, through which they speak.

List of known liveships Edit

Tarman, the first liveship, owned by Leftrin

Kendry, owned by the Khuprus family

Ophelia, owned by the Tenira family

Paragon, owned by the Ludluck family, and later by Brashen Trell

Ringsgold, who was killed and eaten by serpents

Vivacia, owned by the Vestrit family

Tinestar, the only liveship to have died