Kelsingra is an ancient city on the banks of the Rain Wild River, notably described as being built and inhabited by Elderlings but for dragons with streets and buildings large enough to accomodate even the largest. It featured many unusual amenities for dragon kind including enormous heated squares and baths. The surrounding area was filled with domesticated livestock for dragon consumption and the city itself was built next to an enormous flowing river for the dragons to land in. The banks were kept sandy and Elderlings on hand to scrub and groom dragon visitors.

In current times the city has fallen nearly into ruin, with the river taking over some parts of the city and the wood having rotted away in some buildings. Notably lost is the ancient wellspring that would bring up a silvery liquid that would intoxicate dragons and Elderlings. A massive magically wrought road runs from the city to the Mountain Kingdom and outwards from Kelsingra where the ruins of towns can be found.

Many centuries ago, in an attempt to find the Elderlings, the Six Duchies monarch King Wisdom followed the ancient memory stone road from The Mountain Kingdom to Kelsingra. Though the Elderlings were long dead, he was capable of viewing their recorded memories on how to make a simulacrum. 

Using this knowledge, King Wisdom protected his kingdom for many years. Centures after this knowledge had been all but lost during The Farseer Trilogy, King-In-Waiting Verity followed the same path, discovering Kelsingra and the knowledge it hosted. FitzChivalry traveled with a group, including The Fool, came to the outskirts of Kelsingra. Later, the false coterie led by Will and playing host to Regal also visited.

Most of those who visited during The Farseer Trilogy died shortly after the events, leaving the rediscovery unannounced. Largely untouched and above ground unlike other ancient cities, it was an extremely valuable find for the Rain Wild Traders who scrambled to claim it after its discovery by the Tarman Expedition.