Keffria Vestrit is the eldest daughter of Ronica and Ephron Vestrit, the wife of Kyle Haven, and the mother of Wintrow, Malta and Selden.

Character Edit

Keffria is the eldest living child of Ronica and Ephron, as a plague killed her brothers. Her only surviving sibling is Althea, who is several years younger.

Keffria married her husband Kyle despite her parent's preference that she wed another Trader. Keffria loves Kyle, but typically follows his wishes without questioning his judgment. Keffria sent the young Wintrow to the monastery to become a priest of Sa; this is one of the few times she defied her husband.

Events Edit

Keffria is disturbed by Kyle's harsh treatment of Wintrow, and his criticism of her for sending him to the monastery against his wishes.

Keffria remains in Bingtown with her mother and two younger children when Kyle and Wintrow set sail on the Vivacia.