Dragon Haven is the second book in the Rain Wild Chronicles. It was first published in 2010. The first book in the chronicles is The Dragon Keeper. The third book, City of Dragons, was published on 7 February 2012.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Supported by the liveship Tarman, the dragons, and their Keepers are travelling through the uncharted waters of the Rain Wilds with the hopes of finding haven in a mythical Elderling city. The one that drives them all up the dangerous rivers...Kelsingra.

The journey is a treacherous one, and not many have lived to tell the tale of journeying up the rivers. There is strong doubt about the city even existing. 

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And when dragon blood is so priced and rare (and it being the cure for the dying Duke), men will fall prey to their desires, and do anything in their power to find themselves a scrap of gold. Not every Keeper can be trusted on this perilous voyage-and not everyone will survive...                                    

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