Davad Restart was a Bingtown Trader. He is friends with the Vestrit family, but has scared off many of his other friends from his friendship with The New Traders . He is socially awkward but quick to chase a profit, even by doing things that may horrify others. He dabbled in the slave trade and attempted to neogtiate selling Paragon from Amis Ludluck to one of several The New Traders.

At one time Davad had a family with his wife Dorill and several sons. His loss of them to the Blood Plague appears to have caused the downfall of his morality. His alliances with The New Traders led to him being declared the Trader Traitor and his carriage defaced publically. He slowly redeemed himself by ensuring the sale of Paragon to the Vestrit family and returning to The Old Traders. During the events of the rebellion and kidnapping of Satrap Cosgo, Davad is killed by an alliance of Bingtown Old Traders and Rain Wild Traders.