August Farseer is the son of King Shrewd's sister Merry.

Character[edit | edit source]

August is cousin to Chivalry, Verity, and Regal. In the line of succession, he places fourth behind all three princes. He is two years younger than Fitz. August is said to have resembled Verity in his youth.

Events[edit | edit source]

Assassin's Apprentice[edit | edit source]

August is one of Galen's pupils after the Skillmaster is tasked with creating a coterie to serve Verity. He and Fitz have by far the most Farseer heritage of their classmates.

As the lessons progress, August becomes a favorite of Galen's. He is selected as one of the members of the coterie, and functions as its first leader, despite being the youngest at 12 years old.

At 14, August is chosen to lead a retinue to the Mountain Kingdom for Verity's wedding to Kettricken. August's role in the wedding is as a vessel for Skilling so that Verity might participate in the ceremony from Buckkeep. He displays little leadership skill on the journey, allowing the captain of his honor guard to deal with the daily tasks of travel; he also shows little understanding of the customs of Jhaampe, demanding litters and assistance in carrying in the caravan's luggage.

Fitz goes to August after being poisoned by Kettricken and learning that Rurisk had expected an assassin's arrival. August deigns to Skill to King Shrewd for Fitz. August relays Fitz's coded message, and informs him that Shrewd's instructions are to listen to Regal. Later, August tells Regal of Fitz's request. Regal rebukes him, which suggests that August is unaware of Regal's machinations.

The morning of the wedding, August receives a Skilled message from Verity for Fitz and Burrich, who await the fallout from Rurisk's death. August is unaware of the dual meaning of Verity's words, which urge Burrich to supply strength to Fitz to enable him to Skill and foil Regal's plans.

During the wedding, August is Skill-linked with Verity when Regal attempts to kill Fitz in a steam-bath. Fitz Skills a warning and strength to Verity, who receives both just in time to fend off Galen's attempt to take his life. Verity overpowers Galen and Skills a warning for Regal to August before pushing through August to make contact with Kettricken. August's Skill-talent is burnt away by this act, as well as some of his mental faculties. He departs Buckkeep and lives out the short remainder of his days at Withywoods.

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